N2H+ Model

N2H+ fitter

Reference for line params: Dore (Private Communication), improving on the determinations from L. Pagani, F. Daniel, and M. L. Dubernet A&A 494, 719-727 (2009) DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:200810570



pyspeckit.spectrum.models.n2hp.n2hp_radex(xarr, density=4, column=13, xoff_v=0.0, width=1.0, grid_vwidth=1.0, grid_vwidth_scale=False, texgrid=None, taugrid=None, hdr=None, path_to_texgrid='', path_to_taugrid='', temperature_gridnumber=3, debug=False, verbose=False, **kwargs)[source] [github] [bitbucket]

Use a grid of RADEX-computed models to make a model line spectrum

The RADEX models have to be available somewhere. OR they can be passed as arrays. If as arrays, the form should be: texgrid = ((minfreq1,maxfreq1,texgrid1),(minfreq2,maxfreq2,texgrid2))

xarr must be a SpectroscopicAxis instance xoff_v, width are both in km/s

grid_vwidth is the velocity assumed when computing the grid in km/s this is important because tau = modeltau / width (see, e.g., Draine 2011 textbook pgs 219-230) grid_vwidth_scale is True or False: False for LVG, True for Sphere