Installation and Requirements


You can pip_install pyspeckit to get the latest release version:

pip install pyspeckit

PySpecKit requires at least the basic scientific packages:

You’ll most likely want at least one of the following packages to enable file reading

If you have pip (see, you can install with:

pip install pyspeckit

Or the most recent version with either of these commands:

pip install

You can acquire the code with this clone command (see also Install pyspeckit via GitHub):

git clone pyspeckit
cd pyspeckit
python install

Or you can Download the latest zip version, then extract and install using the standard python method (but the pip install version of this is easier):

wget --no-check-certificate
cd pyspeckit-pyspeckit-[commit]
python install

You can also check out the source code


If you use easy_install pyspeckit with the Enthought Python Distribution, you will most likely get a SandboxViolation error. You can get around this by using python install or pip install pyspeckit.

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