Hill5 Infall Model

The Hill5 infall model is a specific realization of a collapsing cloud profile.

Code translated from: https://bitbucket.org/devries/analytic_infall/overview

Original source: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2005ApJ…620..800D

Module API

pyspeckit.spectrum.models.hill5infall.hill5_model(xarr, tau, v_lsr, v_infall, sigma, tpeak, TBG=2.73)[source] [github] [bitbucket]

The hill5 from de Vries and Myers 2005. This model implicitly has zero optical depth in the envelope, no envelope velocity, and has a fixed background radiation temperature (see Table 2 in the paper).


xarr : np.ndarray

array of x values

tau : float

tau_c, the core-center optical depth

v_lsr : float

The centroid velocity in km/s

v_infall : float

The infall velocity

sigma : float

The line width

tpeak : float

The peak brightness temperature

TBG : float

The background temperature

pyspeckit.spectrum.models.hill5infall.jfunc(t, nu)[source] [github] [bitbucket]

t- kelvin nu - Hz?