Model Grid

Fit a line based on parameters output from a grid of models

Module API

pyspeckit.spectrum.models.modelgrid.gaussian_line(xax, maxamp, tau, offset, width)[source] [github] [bitbucket]

A Gaussian line function in which the

pyspeckit.spectrum.models.modelgrid.line_model_2par(xax, center, width, gridval1, gridval2, griddim1, griddim2, maxampgrid, taugrid, linefunction=<function gaussian_line>)[source] [github] [bitbucket]

Returns the spectral line that matches the given x-axis

xax, center, width must be in the same units!

pyspeckit.spectrum.models.modelgrid.line_params_2D(gridval1, gridval2, griddim1, griddim2, valuegrid)[source] [github] [bitbucket]

Given a 2D grid of modeled line values - the amplitude, e.g. excitation temperature, and the optical depth, tau - return the model spectrum

griddims contains the names of the axes and their values… it should have the same number of entries as gridpars

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