Install pyspeckit via GitHub


You can pip install the development version of pyspeckit:

pip install

Installing a branch

If there’s a bugfix branch, e.g., from a pull request, you can install it in a similar way. Just replace the branch name:

pip install{branchname}.zip

Or, if the contribution is from a different user:

pip install{username}/pyspeckit/archive/{branchname}.zip

Where in both cases you need to replace {{branchname}} and {username}.

More detailed

If you want to help develop pyspeckit, follow these instructions:

Logged into your github account, go to and click “Fork” in upper right.

Copy the URL of your pyspeckit fork

On the command line type:

git clone

(it will put it in a directory called pyspeckit in your working directory):

cd pyspeckit

git remote add upstream

To get the most up to date version, type:

git pull upstream master

Update your personal “fork” to match upstream/master:

git push origin master

and enter your username and password if it asks.

Still in the pyspeckit/ directory, type:

pip install -e .

You’re good to go!

To make changes and generate a Pull request:

Create a new branch: git checkout -b name_of_your_new_branch This will automatically switch you to this new branch. Type git branch to see all the branches. The active one will be highlighted and have an asterisk next to it. To switch to an existing branch, type git checkout name_of_branch

After you make a change inside your local fork on your machine, type git add changed_file where changed_file is the name of the file(s) you edited.

Time to commit your change and add a little note about your change git commit -m details details should be a description of the changes you made, inside quotes

Push the change to GitHub: git push origin name_of_branch where name_of_branch is the branch you’ve been active in during this process.

If you want to contribute your changes to, create a “pull request”. In, navigate to your branch where you pushed you want to merge with and click “Pull request”

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